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"This is no missish writing! These books are heart stopping, full on amazing." - Marlene S.

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Wickedly Hot Contemporary Romances

Featuring men who make Christian Grey seem tame.

A super hot billionaire-auction romance serial where passion and action are taken further...

Fun and lighter romances with plenty of wicked heat.

Shorter reads but not short on heat.

Ready to Steam Up Your "Me" Time?

Wickedly Hot Romances for Readers Who Dare

Wickedly Hot Historical Romances

Choose your favorite historical period and heat level:

Georgian Romances where breeches are hella sexy. Lighter BDSM elements.

Epic Regency romances with heavy BDSM elements. As wicked as it gets!

Regency romances with light to medium BDSM elements. Fun with rakehells and intrepid hereoines.

More wickedly hot historical romances, including pirates and fan fiction with Austen's incomporable Darcy and Elizabeth.

Ready to Steam Up Your "Me" Time?

Wickedly Hot Romances for Readers Who Dare

Wickedly Hot Audiobooks

Audiobooks so hot your ears will burn!

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Ready to Steam Up Your "Me" Time?

Wickedly Hot Romances for Readers Who Dare

Steam up your "me" time... 

Wickedly Hot Romances for Readers Who Dare

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Because vanilla is nice, but naughty is more fun! 

No shame. Granted, I once wrapped covers around my "bodice-ripper" romances so that others didn't know what I was reading. But I've since learned that's there's nothing wrong with liking the sexier side of things. And if you like your romances with plenty of red hot steam, then join me on my journey into the wicked side of passion...

Bestselling Author of Wicked Heat

"Grab your industrial strength oven mitts before you pick-up this book in ANY preferred format in the 2nd installment of Em Brown’s “His For A Week” series! When she promised to turn up the heat on the second book, she did fail to mention to have at the ready; your own fire extinguisher, herd of Dalmatians or a Firehouse full of hot, hunky Firefighters of your own within reaching distance." - Amazon reviewer

"Hell yes!

Em Brown has a gift for creating erotic tension and oh my word do her words jump off the page and nestle into my panties make everything squishy  

Finally a hot erotic story with a believably strong as nails female who is more than willing to go toe to toe with this hot as hell and mad as hell earl.  

Highly recommend. Wish I had more time to write a better review because this is a book, and an author, who knows how to light the page on fire!" - Rad Ryder


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